About Us

About Us Harnessing the Power of Ohio's Sunshine

Deep in the heart of Ohio, amidst a backdrop of innovation and a fervor for sustainability, our vision was born: to transform the plentiful Ohio sunshine into tangible savings for every homeowner.

Our journey began with a simple thought: What if we could offer Ohioans a way to counter rising electricity rates? What if every dawn could bring with it not just light, but also economic relief? It was with this spirit that we ventured into the realm of solar energy, aiming to make a lasting difference in the lives of our community members.

Our commitment isn't merely to provide solar panels. It's about offering a comprehensive experience that empowers every household to take charge of their energy consumption and bills.

Why Choose Us? Here's the Rundown

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Power Production Guarantee

Our promise isn't just about delivering energy. It's about guaranteeing optimal production, ensuring you get the most out of every sunbeam.


Performance Monitoring

We're as invested in your solar journey as you are. With real-time performance monitoring, we ensure your panels are always working at their peak potential.


Unwavering 25-Year Warranty

Our systems are built to last, but should anything go amiss, our 25-year warranty stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and service.


Swift 24-Hour Install

We value your time. Our team is trained to ensure a swift and seamless 24-hour installation, getting you up and running with minimal delay.


Flexible Financing

Dreaming of solar but worried about costs? With our easy financing options, enjoy $0 down and no out-of-pocket costs. Let's make solar accessible for all.

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Dedicated Customer Service

Your solar journey doesn't end once the panels are up. We're here every step of the way, with a customer service team dedicated to addressing any queries or concerns.

How Does Our Solar System
Illuminate Your Home?

It's a dance of technology and nature, simplified into four elegant steps:

solar absorption

Step 1: Solar Absorption

Our panels, ever eager, soak up the sun, capturing its raw energy.


Step 2: Inverter Magic

This raw energy is then channeled through our state-of-the-art inverter, transforming sunlight into usable electricity for your home.


Step 3: Export the Extra

On particularly sunny days, generate more power than you use? That excess electricity gets exported back, ensuring not a ray goes to waste.

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Step 4: Stay Grid-Connected

While you're harnessing the sun, you remain connected to the grid. So even on cloudy days, you're never left in the dark.

Join us on this radiant journey, where every sunrise is a promise of savings and sustainability

Your Solar Installation, Simplified

  • Design: We analyze your energy needs and roof to draft a tailored solar panel layout.
  • Approval: Our team submits this design to local authorities for their okay.
  • Utility Coordination: We team up with your utility provider for Net Meter installation.
  • HOA Clearance: If you have an HOA, we'll get the needed approvals on your behalf.
  • Installation: Once we have all clearances, we fit the solar panels — usually in a day.
  • Activation: We power up your system once we get the "Permission to Operate" from your utility. Time to harness the sun!